Ordering Prints

All of my selected photographs are available as finely crafted prints that I make myself, individually, with great care. Please get in touch by email if you are interested. I prefer a more personal touch rather than a dispassionate online shopping cart experience.

In keeping with the spirit of the In-between Places book project, 100% of the proceeds* from the sale of prints of this collection of photographs will go towards funding the production of the book, itself wholly used for fundraising for charity. When production is fully funded, the proceeds will be donated to charity. My chosen beneficiaries are the Nature Society (Singapore) and ACRES. Each of these charities is dedicated to an important aspect of conservation that no other organisation is committed to in Singapore.

*For the moment, 100% of proceeds means 100% of gross proceeds until my current (rather substantial) stock of paper and ink runs out and need replenishing. Thereafter, it would imply 100% of net proceeds.

More detailed information about the prints

Editioning, Care of Prints and Framing Guide

I also run a highly specialised studio where I make fine, original prints for photographers and artists. Please visit: cacaoeditions.com